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Home Worship Renewing Hope - Journeying together through Lent

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Renewing Hope - Journeying together through Lent

by Michael Ford last modified 23 Feb, 2022 04:31 PM

A seven-week devotional for individuals, families, and communities.

Community re-building, post-pandemic church, mixed-ecology church... phrases that are common not just in Salisbury Diocese but church communities far and wide, as we seek to recover from the past two years.

For the Lenten period 2022, we will be journeying together through a seven-week devotional, focussed on Renewing Hope, and the key pillars of the diocesan vision. Several people from the diocese have generously written reflections for us, including the following themes:

  • Week 1: Evangelism  

  • Week 2: Discipleship 

  • Week 3: Collaboration 

  • Week 4: Leadership 

  • Week 5: Serving Others 

  • Week 6: Embracing Justice 

  • Week 7: Equipping 

How will you use this resource? Alone in quiet time, adapted for a Sunday children's group, or as a family? What challenges could you set yourself or your small group as you study God's word together?

May you be blessed this Lenten period, and may your hope be renewed. Let us know how you use the devotionals .

Download the devotionals here.


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