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International Links

by Michael Ford last modified 05 Aug, 2021 01:14 PM

The Diocese of Salisbury's links with dioceses overseas.

The Diocese of Salisbury has forged international links with dioceses in other countries over a number of years. We have particularly strong links with Sudan and South Sudan, France (Évreux), and Latvia. Follow the links for more.

Sudan and South Sudan

The Link between the Diocese of Salisbury and the Episcopal Church of the Sudan (ECS) was first set up by Bishop George Reindorp in 1972 among UK personnel retiring to the local area after working in Sudan. For over 40 years, the Diocese of Salisbury has had strong partnership links.  Regular exchanges take place, to the mutual support of both parties.

Click here for the Sudan Link


The Diocese of Salisbury has been twinned with the Roman Catholic Diocese of Évreux since 1987. The link provides opportunities for parishes and individuals in the Diocese of Salisbury to link with those in Évreux. There are already links between parishes in the two Dioceses, with highly successful exchanges in both directions. There are yearly diocesan visits to study various pastoral and other issues so that we can learn from each other.

Click here for the Évreux Link


Towards the end of the 1980s, Church of England dioceses were being encouraged to form links with churches in Eastern Europe. Thanks to the initiative of the Bishop of Ramsbury, Peter Vaughan, the Diocese of Salisbury was linked with the Evangelical Lutheran Church of Latvia. At its heart, the link is an expression of Christian fellowship through visits, friendship, letters, emails, and prayer. The personal contact and friendship that arises out of visits between the two countries is the vital element that makes the link a reality.

Click here for the Latvia link

Other links

Individual parishes, schools and deaneries are developing their own links abroad.

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