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M4M (Ministry for Mission)

by Michael Ford last modified 02 Nov, 2021 06:00 PM

Resourcing, encouraging and providing training for new forms of church for the 21st century.

Training courses for 2019


Hubs across the Diocese of Salisbury

Designed to encourage mission across Wiltshire and Dorset, these networks of practitioners meet to exchange good practice and support each other. Context-specific training is also funnelled through these hubs.

M4M Mission Resources

Whether you're working with the elderly, hoping to reach a new housing development or looking for creative ways to do mission in a rural context, this page will signpost you to useful resources across a wide range of contexts.

Stories of Mission in Dorset and Wiltshire

Here are some great examples of different ways of doing mission across Dorset and Wiltshire. While your context may be different, there's plenty here to help you think creatively about mission.

The M4M Blogspot

Where those with their sleeves rolled up tell it like it is.

Social Media

Search for the Salisbury Fresh Expressions Group on Facebook.
What is a fresh expression and how do you start one up?

The M4M team

The M4M project is headed by

...based at Church House, Salisbury. He is happy to come and talk to you, your PCC or other groups if you would like pointers or guidance.

...can give further information about training and hubs. Do contact him if you have any stories of mission that could encourage others in the Diocese.

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